Terms & Conditions


  • To list your business on our site, you must create a user account. The creation of the user account is free of charge.
  • Please protect your password and strive to operate your account in a responsible way.
  •  And you must agree to these terms and conditions. to list your business on our site. 
  • With the BASIC One-Off Listing app, you can list any business or product.
  •  A listing of your company or business name, email, contact, the region and country in which you are located and category selection as per your business.
  • The listing will go for verification in order to make the search more relevant and better user experience.
  •  We reserve the right to deny anyone access to the site and all of its features, at any time in our sole discretion, to any person or entity and we shall not be obliged to state our reasons for such refusal.
  • If you want to remove your listing, please email us at...... and we will remove it as soon as is practicable.


  • The user must be above the age of 18 years old.
  • Users should know business aspects.
  • User activities are under strict observance to ensure prevention from any uncertain activity.
  • The use of the ANTTERS platform is free for trial to certain modules extend or period.
  • The exchange of information between customers and service providers is their obligation.
  • ANTTERS does not show any assurance for the use of title or other data provided on the platform.
  • The use of data is limited to providing services and testing the market and accepting the feedback. 


  • The User needs to abide by the laws and regulations of using the platform.
  • Provide exact details about the services.
  • The data or services should not be utilized for outsider usage.
  • The data should also be prevented from unauthorized users for different business functions.
  • Users should sustain the management of their ANTTERS account systemically.
  • The information provided at the ANTTERS platform by any user should not be fake, deceiving, or complicated.
  • The Intrusion of any outsider's copyright, brand name, innovation rights is not tolerated.
  • There should be no vulgarity nor any misleading images to be shared on this platform.
  • The User should take accountability for their words and prevent themselves from hurting someone sentimental intentionally or unintentionally.
  • The ANTTERS platform may display the location of the vendor/ service provider to persons browsing the site. Partial information of the location will be utilized in order to reach the destination accurately and enhance the browsing experience.
  • If you break the commitment or penetrate any law, ANTTERS have the right to suspend the user account.


ANTTERS being a business listing platform hold all the rights to change the charges and payment terms according to the beneficiary of the platform.


ANTTERS may utilize Identity Verification Services.

  • You agree that ANTTERS Identity Verification Services are completely subject to User-provided data, potential data, or Verification Services given by outsiders.
  • You are fully answerable for personality confirmation and ANTTERS acknowledges no obligation regarding any utilization that is made of an ANTTERS Identity Verification.
  • ANTTERS Services for Verification of Identity can be changed anytime.


  • You can provide feedback.
  • The company can suspend user service data if found suspicious.


  • Users should know third-party service suppliers' terms and conditions with safety terms before using their service.
  • A User can use the site anonymously but if found violating the community guidelines then the user needs to get verified.


  • ANTTERS can make modifications to the policy anytime and the user will be notified in that case.
  • During the correction of terms, the changed terms will come into effect 30 days after they are first used.

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