Privacy Policy

The information provided by the ANTTERS platform is carefully handled and this privacy policy explains how ANTTERS collect or use user information and safeguard user information whenever a user visits the ANTTERS platform through any media form. The conditions mentioned are meant for both users as well as by the ANTTERS platform.

Only 18+(age) users are allowed to enjoy the service of this platform.

ANTTERS is allowed to introduce any change anytime in ANTTERS privacy policy with or without user knowledge. ANTTERS will notify you in that case.

Collection of user’s information--

ANTTERS collect information about the users in different ways mentioned below-

Personal data like business name, age, email address, permanent address, occupation, qualification, education, skillset.

Associated data are ones that are collected during a user visit to the platform such as user IP Address, browser type, browsing history, operating system, access time, unique device ID, another clickstream, emails opened or forwarded through ANTTERS services.

Financial data All financial information of users like credit card details are secured with ANTTERS. As ANTTERS understands the concern hence keep data secure accordingly.

Third-party data include user information from user’s social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn accounts. It includes personal details along with the user's current location and profile picture URL. If you permit the platform to access user information they can see user network friends too.

Mobile Application data -If you visit the platform through user mobile phone-

  • The access request of Geo-location information is sent by ANTTERS to track location-based information from user mobile devices to provide location-based services through push notifications.
  • ANTTERS also asks for mobile device access permission that includes various apps, and user storage.
  • The mobile device data includes mobile device ID, operating system, IP address, and version information.
  • If you want to change ANTTERS access and permissions, then you can do so by changing the settings.

Publicly accessible data is the data collected during the communication in Antter's public forum that is accessible by other ANTTERS users, from getting user ID to reading user comments or posts.

Use of user information --

It is the right of ANTTERS to check user data for legal purposes.

However, the use of user information is done for a better user experience-

  • to provide customized data and advertisements according to the user.<
  • to improve services and develop new service features.
  • to verify the authorized users to provide and maintain the services.
  • during a past or ongoing contract between two ANTTERS, and one needs information about another.
  • data will be disclosed if demanded legally.
  • to ensure if ANTTERS received the payment for providing the service.
  • to contact you about any modifications and promotion of services and researching for feedback.
  • to contact you when there is an exploitation of policy terms.
  • to expand ANTTERS user base to potential customers by providing information
  • for proper management of ANTTERS affiliate service providers and provide external and internal services to you via the service.
  • to generate the database for use of ANTTERS and third parties. The data is provided according to policy terms.
  • user contact information is used for accounting, invoicing, and marketing purposes by third service parties to ANTTERS to respond to user queries.
  • ANTTERS provides a rating to you based on other users' ratings to your user profile. These ratings are publicly visible.

Disclosure of user information --

User information may be disclosed in circumstances like-

To protect rights - If disclosure of user information is necessary to respond to legal notices, to protect the rights and safety of others. This includes exchanging information for protection against fraud.

Marketing communications- with user consent ANTTERS can share user information with a third party for marketing and advertising purposes as permitted by law.

Advertisers- To provide advertisements for services of user interest, ANTTERS put ads on the ANTTERS platform.

Affiliate service provider- It includes any joint venture partner, any subsidiaries to promote ANTTERS product. User personal information to be shared with the affiliates but on the condition of following the policy terms.

Sale or transfer of business- In a case where ANTTERS company is sold or disposed of or in any illegal activity, user data will be sold or merged in a connection with the transaction.

User account password and personal information are well protected by the ANTTERS platform while there can be an intrusion of the virus from the third parties which is not ANTTERS responsibility.

Tracking Technologies--

The cookies

ANTTERS platform uses different types of cookies and similar tracking technologies to access user data that are mentioned below-

Fundamental cookies- if this cookie is not enabled it will not provide a better user experience. It helps the website to know user repeated searches and identify any fraudulent activity

Functionality cookies- This is used to offer great functionality like keeping you signed in to the ANTTERS platform, keeping track of specific interests, or user past repeated searches to enhance the presentation of content to the ANTTERS platform.

Performance analytics cookies- This information helps us to analyze the number of visitors and the popularity of particular features in the ANTTERS platform.

Advertising cookies- It interprets the use of advertisements and content searched by you to improve services.

You should be aware that erasing or otherwise altering user browser cookies files may clear certain cookies.

  • Third-party website links may be visible on the ANTTERS platform as per user interest tracked by the website analytics, which is not affiliated with us. Once you click on these links, the responsibility and safety of user information are not guaranteed by us.
  • Marketing-It is up to user choice to get updates about new services, news, affiliate services, etc., which can also be avoided anytime you like. You can choose to decline referral system services by sending an email through the registered email id.

Security of User information--

ANTTERS uses administrative and technical security measures to ensure the protection and security of user data. While ANTTERS takes critical steps to protect user data it's also the user responsibility to secure user data, as in many cases the ANTTERS platform is not responsible or liable for any misuse of user data. Any information disclosed online is sensitive as it can be misused anonymously or by unauthorized users.

Options regarding user information --

Account settings and modifications can be done by you anytime as per the user's wish. If you wish to delete a user account permanently, ANTTERS will delete user account information from ANTTERS active database. But some data may be present in the ANTTERS system to prevent fraud or trouble in the future. You can simply log into the user account and contact us or go to the option to delete the account permanently.

Emails and notifications - If you wish to get no notifications, emails, or reminders from us, then you can opt-out by logging into the account settings and turn off this feature or you can reach us through the contact details provided below.

User Information retention--The information is stored in the ANTTERS platform and is not provided to entities until the law mandates.

Contact Us--

In case of any query or info required by the user regarding data collection feel free to contact us at [email protected].

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