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Yoga For Reducing Mental Stress

Sweaty palms, heart racing, millions of thoughts speeding through your head?

Every person goes through some sort of mental stress in their life. Mental stress can trigger you anywhere, anytime. 

Your mobile phone is ringing. Your boss wants to talk to you. Your parents have some different expectations from you. Your kids want you to take them for a picnic or outing. Stress and anxiety are everywhere.

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Stress causes people to feel unwell and it makes insignificant or small problems seem larger than they are.

Everybody’s way of fighting with mental health is different, but one should choose a way that actually helps them. But what is the right way to reduce mental stress? 

Yoga is the best and the most effective way to reduce mental as well as physical stress. 

How does yoga help in reducing stress and anxiety?

Yoga provides mental and physical relaxation, which directly helps in reducing stress and anxiety. Regular yoga practice will enhance your awareness, boost your concentration, and center your mind. 

There are few yoga poses that will help you in reducing your mental stress : 

Marjaryasana to Bitilasana

Marjaryasana-bitilasana is a yoga that is a combination of two asanas. It is practiced from a hands-and-knees tabletop position. In the first half of the pose (marjaryasana), the back rounds and the head needs to be released gently toward the ground; and in the second half (bitilasana), the belly sinks toward the ground, creating an arch in the back, and the gaze is directly upward.

This pose is very helpful with stress as it allows you to connect your breath to your movements so that you can calm your mind and release the stress from within. With releasing stress, it also : 

  • Support emotional balance 
  • Sharpen the yogi's focus 
  • Promote the coordination of mind and body


Balasana is derived from the Sanskrit word “Bala” which means a child and “asana” which means pose. In balasana :

  • You sit back on your heels
  • Fold forward until your forehead rests on the mat, touching your toes
  • Bring your arms to the side, palms facing up
  • Relax your shoulders and neck and breathe through the nostrils while holding the pose for as long as it is comfortable.

Balasana pose helps you in calming down, rejuvenating, aligning breath and organs, which reduces your mental stress. It is a very easy pose to perform and you don’t have to be a professional to practice it. 

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Uttanasana is an important posture because it balances the body. To do uttanasana, you have to :

  • Stand straight and bend forward
  • Stretch your body to touch your palms to the ground
  • Straighten your legs for deeper stretch
  • Hold this position for three to four deep breaths and then return to the original position.

Uttanasana is considered very good for relieving stress and soothing the nervous system. It calms your brain and stimulates your kidneys and liver, which helps in relieving mild depression and stress.


Savasana is the final resting pose at the end of almost every yoga practice. It is also called the corpse pose. It is performed on the back with your legs spread as wide as the yoga mat and arms relaxed to the side, and the eyes closed. Your whole body is relaxed on the floor with an awareness of the chest and your abdomen should rise and fall with each breath.

Savasana provides the opportunity to take a break from active thinking and be present in the moment with the sensations of the body. It helps in calming the mind and body, provides rest and relaxation, which reduces stress. Some other benefits of savasana are : 

  • Calms central nervous system
  • Aiding the digestive and immune systems 
  • Reduces headache, fatigue and anxiety 
  • Helps lower blood pressure 
  • Promotes higher consciousness


Yoga is the best thing for every person that is going through any sort of stress or anxiety. Yoga encourages mental and physical relaxation, which helps to reduce stress and anxiety. The physical postures of yoga promote flexibility, relieve tension, and alleviate pain. 

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