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Does your child have problems learning things? Do you think your child is not giving his best in school? Are you worried about your child falling behind in class?

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These are some of the common things that almost every parent thinks about all the time and searches for ways about How to make a child interested in studying. Every parent wants good for their child and that is why they never want their child to be left behind. They want their child to become capable enough to be able to cope up with the world. 

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In today’s fast growing world, it is very important for children to learn and understand things faster and easily. But just like not every child is born the same, their learning capacity and speed is not the same either. Some are born good learners, while some need practice to become good learners. 

You can enhance your child's desire and ability to learn through various ways. Here are some of the proven tips and strategies that can make your child learn faster…

Ways To Make Your Child Learn Faster 

Develop a positive atmosphere

Atmosphere is very important for a child, it can directly affect your child’s learning. Atmosphere can either develop or ruin your child’s focus towards learning. 

A positive atmosphere with love, care, good vibes, understanding, can make your child focus on their learning more. While a negative atmosphere with fights, arguments, can distract your child’s learning thoroughly. 

A home is the safest place for a child, so make the atmosphere of your home positive for your child’s betterment. 

Good communication

Communication is the key to success. Yes, communication can literally bring solutions to many impossible problems. 

Communicate with your child as much as possible and encourage them to express their opinion about what's going on with their education. 

When they share their opinion, make sure to understand their feelings – even if you disagree. 

When children feel their opinions and feelings are not valued, they are most likely to keep themselves away from any learning process. So, create an open atmosphere where they feel comfortable expressing their likes, dislikes or concerns.

Fun ways to learn

Children like anything that they find fun, so they are more likely to learn and understand better when it is fun. 

You can use examples such as fruits and vegetables while teaching them calculations or using funny pronunciations while making them learn English. 

Using games as an educational tool provides opportunities for deeper learning and growth. When a child is actively engaged with a game, their mind experiences the pleasure of learning a new system. 

Give them a choice

If you really want to help your child to become a good learner, encourage him to explore topics and subjects that fascinate him. Giving choices to children can be a very good way to make them more interested in learning. Provide them with different ways through which they can learn and let them decide. 

Allow them to choose which subject, chapter or topic they would like to study. Let them create small tasks for themselves, it will provide them the goal which they need to achieve. 

Tell them your experiences

Your child learns a lot looking at you and the things around you. So, tell them about your learning experiences, your ways of learning, how much fun it was for you, how you used to learn, explain them using real life examples. 

A child’s first inspiration is their parents, so if your child or student sees that you are or you were sincerely enthusiastic about learning, they're likely to become enthusiastic about learning.

Focus on efforts, not performance

Performance of a child matters but their efforts should mean more to their parents. So, instead of asking them about their performance or results, ask them what they did and how they did it. 

Focusing only on their performance, without appreciating their efforts can demotivate them from learning. Tell them that actual learning is more important than test grades, tell them you're more concerned about him than you are about his performance, these things will motivate them towards learning. 

Make them learn everyday

Some people might think that learning daily can be hectic for children and learning for once or twice a week is okay. But learning daily shows much more effective results than learning once in a while. 

Learning daily does not mean sitting for 1-2 hours, children can sit according to their mood, somedays 10 minutes, somedays 15 or some days 30. Studying regularly improves your memory power and learning capability. 

Try to make them understand things that they read or learn, don't let them learn anything without the proper understanding. 

Celebrate achievements

Celebrating achievements is a good way to motivate learning. Whenever your child puts in some effort for learning or exams or he scores good marks in their test, celebrate it.

Celebration does not mean a big party, it can be a little treat, snacks, picnic, to appreciate your child’s efforts. Children require constant positive reinforcement to keep them motivated to learn and challenge themselves to do better.


Making your child learn faster might seem like a hard task, but with the right ways or techniques it can be done easily. Make them learn things slowly, don’t force things on them, it will create a negative impact on them. Teach them things in a fun way, provide a good environment, share personal experiences, all this will help them to learn everything with a positive and happy mind. 

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