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Are you planning to buy a new car?

well congratulations on that and good that you landed on this blog and here you can get answers to everything running in your mind right now like What are the things i need to consider while buying the car, which car should i buy etc.

So here is a quick guide which might help you choose the best one among your options. 

So ready to know the criteria for selecting your dream car? Keep reading:

Fix your Budget

First and foremost thing is to decide your budget, now there are millions of options available in market and you can choose any one of them but you need to fix your budget and try looking the cars in your budget only because if you visit showrooms and forget your budget you might end up liking something you can’t afford.

So here is a tip that try making your budget your priority and then view your options available within that budget. This will help you shortlist the ones which you can afford and the choice will become somewhere easy for you.

Fuel Type (Petrol, Diesel, CNG, or Electric)

Most of the cars today are shifting from diesel to petrol but when you go to Gujarat you will see more of CNG cars since they have more pumps for the fill and thus while deciding the car consider the fuel you would like to have in your car and this will also include all the important decisions like where do you live, what people around you prefer, what are easiest options available for you and how could you get an access to these fuels.

There are some other major factors while deciding the fuel which you must consider while buying the car and don’t go against the government norms so try concentrating on that too.

Body Type

There are body types available in the market like: Hatchbacks, Sedans, SUV you need to see the one you prefer, now here there are many things to consider, like the comfort you prefer, the look you prefer, choice of the people you consider important etc. The family size also matters when you own only a single car.

There are also factors like the storage space, the bonnet size etc and these also need to be considered as they will help in making your choice more clear.

If you want to get some more clarity please read this:

  1. If you are dealing with a parking problem you must definitely go for Hatchbacks.
  2. If elegance and luxury is your choice you must for Sedans.
  3. If you need a go anywhere characteristic you must prefer having a SUV.


Engine is something really important and thus needs to be considered on priority. Coming to the heart of the engine, the question comes, what to see when comparing two cars. Is it the Bhp or the torque? Also, what is more confusing is whether to go for a small capacity engine or the one with large displacement. Let me tell you, Bhp or power is what should have more preference.


There are two types of transmissions available currently which are:

  • Manual Transmission (The traditional one)
  • Automated Transmission (The updated one)

The stick shift or manual transmission is about to die in the international automotive market but we aren’t in that market. And hence people still prefer manual transmission.

If you are among the people looking for a subtler and comfortable ride and do a lot of inter-city travel, the automatic transmission is just for you. 

Resale Value

You might not think this is important but it is. You must calculate the resale value of the car you are going to purchase as you never know how much the car could cost you in just a year and thus the resale value is something really important to consider. Thinking about re-sale when buying a car is a wise decision which is practiced by almost everyone here in India. 

Creature Comfort

While considering a car you must see the comfort it is coming with since you are going to have a car just because you want your own personal comfort and so for that you need to compare the comfort you are getting from the one you are thinking to buy. 

Test Drive

Now this is very important, you might have seen a lot of parts of the car and find it the most suitable one for you but how could you be so sure without having a test drive so always remember to have a test drive before finalizing the car, this will make everything crystal clear, the comfort it offers, the features it has and everything else.

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