The Best Business Listing App For All Types Of Business

What do business listing Sites do?

You are reading this because you might have searched in your device “What Does Business Listing Sites Do? 

The Best free online business listing sites like Antters help you grow locally. When people search for business or services in your category these sites display your name in the list.

What is Antters?

Antters is a free business listing app which provides you the benefits of local listings. 

If you are a business you have to sign up at Antters and in the profile section you will see an option to list a business.

Antters contains all types of categories so you can choose your business category and list your business for free and grab the benefits of listing your business online. Not just business, you can also list your products or services in Antters.

How Antters Help Businesses Grow Through Listing?

Everyone is curious to know whether business listing is actually important to grow your business..

Well if we are talking about listing on Antters i would say of course it's very important. At Antters you get to keep a record of your clients, your bids, tasks created by users etc.

Antters is not only useful for Business but it's also very much beneficial for users. 

You wanna know how? Keep Reading..

How is Antters Useful For Users?

Antters allow users to “Post A Task”.

What does Post A task mean?

At Antters users can post a task for anything they are in need of!

For example if they are looking for a computer repairer, consultant, movers and packers, electrician or even a tutor they can post a task for that.

Like I am looking for a computer repairman near me and my budget is for example 1000/- for this particular service. And here the bidding starts! Keep reading to know how bidding works..

How Bidding Works In Antters?

Now the businesses who are registered on Antters can start bidding on the task posted if they are willing to perform the same. 

Businesses will provide a description of their service and the price they will charge for the same.

Users will receive the bids and could decide to chat with any number of experts amongst the ones who did the bidding. 

Finally users could hire the expert they think is well suited for their task.


Antters is the best free business listing app since it's the only one which provides a platform to both users and business of all categories to communicate and choose after clearing all the concerns of both the parties. 

Post a Task feature of Antters provides an extra benefit to both users and businesses since users could save their time by posting the task otherwise they would have to go and ask for a particular service in the market shop by shop.

Same businesses get the leads on their mobile itself and start bidding and gain exposure in the market.

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