7 months ago    By Antters

Pots & Planters with Deco Dreams


Plants make the home look even more beautiful. It gives your home an attractive look and makes the environment pleasing. They are easy to move. This Diwali decorate your home with plants, containers, clay pots, plant hangar, and artificial grass only at the DECO DREAMS Event by ANTTERS.

Pots and containers are used to make the surroundings look even more beautiful as they easily stand out in the garden. Planters give your surrounding a finished look and are ideal for concealing pots.


Here are some planters ideas you can use at your home

  • Hanging pots

Hanging pots gives a beautiful outline look to your home. They are easy to maintain and easily movable.


  • Stacking Pots

Stacking pots were introduced to promote early love for gardening. They can be arranged in multiple layers to give a more beautiful look.


  • Iron Pot Stands

An iron plant stand gives a perfect finishing touch to your home or garden. It is great for outdoor use. The designs give the surroundings an attractive look.


  • Artificial Grass

Artificial grass is great because it gives always a green lush look to your gardens with minimal maintenance. It gives a realistic look to your place.


  • Clay Pots and Plastic Pots

Clay pots are made up of natural clay and that’s why they are called terracotta pots. Clay planters help to keep the moisture in the right amount for plants. You can design these planters according to you also.


  • Metal Containers

Metal containers are very strong. They won’t crack, chip or scratch. These containers are very durable and are more weather resistant. They give a perfect look to your garden.


  • Ceramic Planters

Ceramic planters are heavy as compared to plastic pots. The ceramic walls of planters protect the plants from sudden temperature change. In the summer season, the plants are protected from sun rays. Ceramic pots trap water or moisture in the soil and keep the plants healthy. They come in beautiful shapes and designs.