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Nowadays people prefer dogs and pets over people, the most commonly seen reasons for having a dog are:

  • They Decrease Loneliness
  • They Reduce the Stress
  • They Make you Happy
  • They Make You Feel Safe

But are you confused about which breed of dog you must have? 

So here is a list of the most commonly seen dog breeds in India:


Labradors are lovable dogs mostly seen in Indian homes. These dogs are so popular for some great reasons. They are bouncy, loyal, and enthusiastic. They are generally good with kids and other pets. They are super-friendly, easy to train, playful and intelligent.


And the vodafone dog with all its cuteness is definitely a choice for most people out there. If you are looking for a dog which is not too big and affectionately has eyes that speak a lot you must go for pugs. They make ideal pets for modern Indian households especially for the families living in apartments. 

German Shepherd:

If you are not at all afraid of dogs and wish to have one which is intelligent, alert and courageous dogs you must have a German Shepherd. This one is generally Energetic, active, and athletic. They can be easily trained and require average grooming. 


The absolute best dog for an Indian home is an Indian pariah dog. Also referred to as desi, mixed breed, mutt or an indie dog, almost interchangeably. Highly intelligent, and amicable, they’re one of the most versatile and adaptable dog breeds found in India. Desi dogs are loyal, loving, and street-smart.

Indian Spitz

They are a part of the Spitz breed and are small, alert animals that make for excellent indoor guard dogs. They are characterised by fluffy hair and pointy ears. A lot of people confuse the Indian Spitz puppy with the pomeranian dog, which is entirely false. 


Small in height, these dogs are Energetic and playful. This breed was initially bred to hunt small prey like tunnelling animals, rabbits and hairs, but later became one of the popular domesticated breeds. They are generally Devoted, loyal, and protective. 


With a reputation for vigilance and loyalty, the Doberman Pinscher could be great for your family. An affectionate companion and family dog which is obedient and devoted. Even though they are widely preferred in military and police services around the world, Doberman make great pets.

These were some suggestions on the dogs you could go for. 

If you already own a dog you definitely need to provide him the right grooming for his good health:

Brushing: No matter what kind of coat your animal has, brushing and combing should happen daily or at least several times each week. Brushing needs to be done before giving a bath to the dog.

Baths: Many of you might not be aware of this but pets need to be given a bath with lukewarm water even in summer because very cold water can chill animals and leave your pet with a bad association to bathing in general.

Nails: Nails must be cut by picking up each foot. If you start by trimming one nail on each foot daily and rewarding it with praise, you will soon have a relaxed, willing animal. Remember to also trim the dewclaws.

Teeth: As you brush your teeth once or twice a day similarly you need to clean the teeths of your pet by massaging their gums. Remember to use animal toothpaste appropriate for each type of pet.

Ears: Your pet’s ears must be free from debris and for this you need their ears on a regular basis. Appointment with your veterinarian would be good if  the ears are dirty, smell bad or look sore. 

Even after all these care and love pets like you also need extra care for which you must definitely take them to pet grooming services and where will you find the best pet grooming services?

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