Antters is one of the best free online business listing sites that provides local search for different services in India over the phone, websites and mobile apps. 

Do You Know How Google Search Results Work?

Google not only displays the regular organic search results, but if there are local listings that are relevant to the requested search they are showing up above the organic website results. 

Wondering How Antters Can Help You Grow?

Antters will play a heroic role for your business growth. Registration on Antters includes full product & service description, locations, web site URL, email contacts, certifications & awards.

In short you can put all necessary information regarding your business and get a chance to be noticed by customers who are actually looking for your services.

Or you can post tasks you need to be done and get bids from several reliable service providers from whom you can choose your expert. 

Which Business Listing Site Is Appropriate For Your Business?

Free online business listing sites like Antters is one of the best sources of free advertising for local businesses for each and every category of business whether its plumbing services, electricians, cleaning services etc. 

Why Antters Is The Best Business Listing Site In India?

By doing business directory listings on Antters you can get more customers since we provide you a platform for each and every category of business.

What Are The Benefits of Listing Your Business Online at Antters?

1. Antters Provide Free Business Listing:

Antters have a wide range of categories where you can register your business along with products and services and grab the opportunity to bid on clients task’s. 

It's an easy to use app where you can manage your Business Profile- Address, Contact, Images, Timings & more. 

Also the users get a list of most reliable bidders for the service they are looking for and they can make a quick choice.

2. Get List of Enquiries From Customers on the App:

Antters allow the users to post enquiries related to all business and services which are listed.

So the business for which enquiry is raised would get a notification and could anytime provide the response for the same. 

3. Get Notified About Recent Activities On Your Profile and Updates:

At Antters the customer will get notifications if any service provider has inserted any bid on their task or any enquiry made by them has been answered.

Similarly the business owners who have registered their business on Antters will get notifications if any enquiry is raised for their business or if any customer chooses to have a chat with them.

4. Allows The Customer to Create Task to be Done:

Apart from other business listing sites Antters has a UNIQUE FEATURE. 

Through the Post a task feature, customers just need to fill up the basic requirements like their Task title, description, budget, category and save it.

And now Antters will do the rest of the work by showing the task details to the service providers of that category and allow them to bid for the task. 

Users will be notified about the bids generated on their task and could decide to chat with any number of bidders directly and get their work done.

5. Ratings & Reviews 

Antters allows your customers to post reviews and ratings regarding your services.

You can check these on your ANTTERS Business profile, Products & Services, building a trust for new users regarding your service and users could even click the like button and add the service provider in their list of favourites. 


ANTTERS is INDIA's emerging FREE BUSINESS LISTING APP where you can search for information about any BUSINESS, SERVICES and PRODUCTS. 

For BUSINESS OWNERS, SERVICE PROVIDERS, and FREELANCERS all over INDIA, you can now be present where your customers are looking for your services. 

Users can also directly raise inquiries, chat instantly to give more understanding of what you are looking for and even CREATE TASKS for us to figure out the best possible solutions for your needs.

ANTTERS is available for FREE, list your business and grab new clients. It provides all the benefits of Local Listings.

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