Everything Service Providers Should Know About Bidding

Antters is a free business listing app on which you get an opportunity to grow your business and expand your service area by bidding on the tasks posted and thus increase your client base and grab the benefits of listing your business online.

Understanding the bidding process will help you make quick bids to more tasks and make more money and get the benefits of Local Listings

To make this as easy as possible, we’ve created this handy guide with everything you need to know about bidding on tasks posted on Antters.

  • Where Can I Find The Task Posted?
  • How Do I Bid For The Task Posted?
  • Can I Negotiate On The Bid Price Personally With The Lead?
  • Is There Any Price Which Is Charged By Antters For The Lead?
  • My offer has been accepted. What next?
  • How Can I See All The Biddings I Have Done?

Where Can I Find The Task Posted?

Antters will notify you once any task is posted in the category you provide services in …

Once any user posts any task in the category in which you have listed your services you will be notified and you can see the task posted in the bell icon on the top right corner of Antters App.

You can also view the task posted by any user through the explore button present at the center bottom of the business account’s main screen at Antters.

How Do I Bid For The Task Posted?

View the task posted from the explore icon and you will be able to see all the necessary details about the task, analyze the task and decide whether you are willing to perform the same in the provided budget range.

You can start bidding by clicking on the “make a bid” icon. Fill the required fields and congratulations your bid is posted.

The lead will be notified about your bid and can message you in order to clear the necessary concerns..

Can I Negotiate On The Bid Price Personally With The Lead?

Yes, you can!

Antters allows users and businesses to negotiate on the bid price, only if the user chooses to message to the one who bid on the task posted.

You can present your concerns and ask for the amount in which you are comfortable to provide the required services and the user can present his/her view on the same.

Is There Any Price Which Is Charged By Antters For The Lead?

Antters allows users to post for free about the service they are looking for and the businesses can also list their services for free on Antters..

Service Providers which are listed on Antters as a premium member can bid on the task posted by the user, other than that there is no extra amount charged by Antters for any service…

My Offer Has Been Accepted. What Next? 

Once your offer is accepted you can provide the services as decided between you and the client.

You can decide the time and place of the service as per both of your conveniences and understanding.

You can also decide the way you are going to accept the payment for your services and this will completely as per the mutual decision of both the parties, Antters will not be responsible for any losses.

How Can I See All The Bids I Have Posted?

Click on the bids option on the main screen of Antters and you can view all the bids which you have posted on any task created..

Antters will provide you all the benefits of free online business listing sites and help you grow your business.

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