Benefits Of Antters

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Antters is a free business listing app where businesses can register their business, products or services for Free and a user can register themselves in order to find products or services for themselves by using a feature ‘POST A TASK’. Antters is one of the best free online business listing sites.   

You can choose from various categories to register your business or services or you can use those categories to find any products or services you need. 

There are many benefits of listing your business online. Here are the Benefits of using Antters as a User and a business

Benefits of Antters for a Business

Free business listing : Antters allows businesses to register their business, services or products for Free and promote it to the right set of audience.

See the tasks posted : Antters provides a feature for businesses where they can see whenever a task is posted by a user in their category. 

Bid on the task : Businesses can bid on the requirement tasks posted by users according to their rates and time. Bidding on the task means presenting your offers, at what price you can provide the product or services. 

People can enquire about businesses : One benefit of Antters is that users can easily enquire anything from businesses. This will be a chance for businesses to convert that user into a customer. 

Take Rating and reviews : Antters provide a feature where you can take ratings and reviews from users or your customers present on Antters. This will help businesses to gain a good image. 

Benefits of Antters for a User

Search experts of any categories : There are various categories of businesses on Antters. Users can easily search for experts for their problems and their requirements near them and in their budget. 

Post A Task : Antters is the only App which allows users to Post A Task for their requirements. Post A Task is basically posting your needs or requirements as a post specifying every detail. 

No unnecessary calling : There is no unnecessary calling issue in Antters because a user’s mobile number is always hidden. Both the parties can only talk via Antters chat,unless the user themselves shares their number. 

Enquiry : Antters provides a feature of enquiry for users. If a user likes a product or service and they want to know more details about it, they can directly inquire from the business. 

Payment between you two : Antters works as a mediator between a user and a business, once the user and business get to know about each other, the further process stays between those two, payments of user to business stays between them. 


Antters is like your Local search App which provides numerous benefits for both the user and the business for Free. It is an only business listing app which allows users to Post A Task specifying their requirements.

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