Antters And Its Eye Catching Features

Antters is a free business listing app which allows businesses to register services and products and grab new clients.

Antters not only provides ways to grow your business but it also helps users to find experts for their problems.

In a precise way we can say Antters is the platform which boosts your business as well as which helps you by increasing the benefits of listing your business online.

Introduction To Antters Features

Antters provide immense benefits of Local Listings some of which are mentioned below:


Search feature in Antters allows users to search for any service or product they are looking for, or any business they want to enquire about. This also helps businesses to grab more clients.

  • CHAT

Users have an option to chat with any number of bidders on Antters and know more about their services in order to make the best choice.


With the help of filters users at Antters can customize their search as per their priorities and concerns, and get more reliable results..


Antters will notify you in respect of any updates or activity on app as well as about tasks posted or bids received or enquiries posted..


Users have the option to raise enquiry against any business that is registered on Antters, which will help them to clear their concerns without visiting the place of business.


Users can provide reviews and ratings on any Business, Product and Services as per their analysis and experience. And this helps businesses to improve their online presence..

How Antters Work?

Antters work differently in both scenarios, it plays the role of a business listing app as well as its an app to get your work done.

  1. Antters is an app which helps users to search for service providers near them and it helps businesses to register their services and grab new clients…
  2. Post A Task feature of Antters helps users to post for any service they are in need of and it helps businesses to browse the task posted and bid for the task…
  3. Once the bidding is done users have the option to chat with the bidders and clear their concerns and businesses can convince the user to convert them into customers.
  4. Users after clearing their doubts can hire the expert of their choice and business can start working once being hired.
  5. Antters is not involved in the payment procedure of the service and thus is not responsible for any default; it's totally between both the parties and as per their mutual understanding. 


Antters is a free business listing app whose post a task feature helps users to grab the right expert for the services they need and it helps businesses to grow by acquiring new clients.

Download the app today and get rid of your burden by hiring the right person to perform services for you...

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