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You are reading this because you might have searched for home remedies for hair growth and thickness. Hair Fall is a common problem that is faced by almost every person, rather it be a woman or a man. But this problem mostly occurs in women because of their hair length and thickness. 

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According to people, hair fall problems lead to low self-esteem and self-image. Because of Hair Loss, youngsters often feel low in confidence, they start avoiding social interaction and try to hide hair loss by disguising their presence. 

All of this proves that hair fall problems not only affect people’s physical appearance but also affects them mentally and emotionally and this might not be cured  by even the best hair fall Control Shampoo. 

Causes Of Hair Fall


Hair problems like excess hair fall and damaged hair are often quite disturbing. Let us look at the reasons of Hair Fall : 

Stress : Extreme stress can result in sudden hair loss problems which can last for several months or more. Although emotional stress is less likely to result in hair loss than physical stress, emotional stress can cause hair fall in serious cases like divorce, ageing parents or death of a loved one and many more. 

Lack of Proteins : Having Protein deficiency is a common reason for hair loss. If there is not enough protein in your diet, the inflow of keratin to hair stops and it causes hair fall. 

Eating habits : Your eating habits affect your body’s health. Vitamin deficiency tops the list of the causes of hair fall. Hair Fall happens when your diet lacks vitamin B and other essential nutrients. 

Heredity : Hair loss problems because of genes is another important cause. Patterns in hair loss are inherited in both men and women. There are multiple genes identified which can cause hair fall. 

Using Chemical led Products : Using products that have chemicals can damage your hair a lot and can lead to Hair fall. Use products which maintain hair health and reduce hair loss. 

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Home Remedies For Hair Fall


There are many Hair fall treatments available, but you should always use home remedies as they are natural and safe. Here are some of the home remedies that can help you : 

Avoid Combing Wet Hair

Combing your hair while they are wet is a very common and big mistake that people make. This has a very negative effect on your hair, such as hair loss, damaged hair, etc. 


You can dry your hair first with a towel and then you can proceed combing them with a wide tooth comb. 

Manage Your Stress Levels 


Stress levels can have a huge impact on your hair health and although it might seem tough to control or maintain your stress level, stressing too much can cause a lot of Hair fall. 

Therefore, you need to take care of your mental health during tough times and it can be one of the best hair fall remedies that you try.

Drink Lots of Water


Water can help us with many health problems and that includes hair fall. Dehydration can severely affect your body and can have a negative impact on your hair as well. 

You can avoid this if you stay hydrated and drink at least 7-8 glasses of water everyday. It will keep your scalp naturally healthy and hydrated. 

Head Massage


Head massage has proven to be one of the best home remedies for Hair. Your scalp needs continuous conditioning and massage after applying oil can provide that. 

Massage helps in strengthening your hair and stops hair fall and regrowth as well. If you need a salon for massage services, download Antters.

Engage in Physical Activity


Involving physical activities in your daily routine is one of the simplest home remedies to reduce hair fall and regrowth. 

Yoga is a very effective way to stay active and there are certain yoga asanas that help boost immunity as well. Also, regular morning walks, jogging or playing different outdoor activities will keep you engaged and healthy. 

Maintain A Healthy Diet


Maintaining a healthy diet is very important. Your hair needs the proper and right amount of vitamins and proteins. 

Add eating vegetables, fruits and coconut milk in your daily habits, these things are very beneficial for the hair. These nutrients will reduce hair loss, damage and will help the growth. 

Essential Plants That Help With Hair Fall


There are many plants that can be used for Hair. Plants are natural and healthy and have no side effects on our health. 

Plants such as Aloe vera, Methi seeds, Onion juice, beetroot, if used regularly can help a lot in reducing hair loss and provide many health benefits for Hair. 


Home Remedies are very healthy, natural and effective, they are easy to use and very easily available in the market. If you find this useful and want to learn more such remedies and tips, you have Antters. 

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