About Us

ANTTERS is a Ticket-Booking platform where you can discover all the events that are happening PAN INDIA.

It is the Best event listing and management platform that caters to the needs of event organizers and manages ticket booking for events by promoting the event for better audience reach.

With ANTTERS, people can book events online and offline easily and attend without a problem. We have simple models and processes for people who want to enjoy the event without facing any problems with ticket booking

ANTTERS also organizes, plans, and manages events for businesses, geographically. Our event management team and administration handle everything from A-Z.

ANTTERS believes in providing a memorable time for all the people who come to ANTTERS, whether they want to book tickets to an event, list events, promote their events, etc.


Our goal is to build ANTTERS into a marketplace that supports all of the event modules from full ticket booking, and event/exhibition listing to stall bookings, event management, and visitor management. With ANTTERS, you can

Book Tickets

List events/exhibition

Act as ticket vendor

Stall Booking

Visitor Management

Event Management

List Your Events With Antters

ANTTERS is the No. 1 Most Progressive Event Listing Platform in India. We offer the most precise solutions and strategies to make your event successful. We have resources to promote your event with our wide network of social media pages and expertise

ANTTERS offers both online/offline ticket booking facilities, in a single place.
We provide easy ticket booking management for organizers and visitors. We provide

  • Online and Offline Ticket Booking
  • Admin Panel
  • Top-Notch Technical Support Team
  • Scanning feature to Resolve All Entry-Related Problems.
Book Events On ANTTERS

ANTTERS is the most diverse Ticket Booking platform PAN INDIA where you can find all the events taking place in your locality in India. You can find all kinds of events. For example,

  • Awesome and Vibrant parties
  • Festive gatherings and programs
  • Shopping Flea Festivals
  • Food carnivals
  • Life-Altering Open-Mic Events
  • Standup Comedy Events
  • For smooth goings, while ticket booking, ANTTERS provides,

  • Offline ticket booking with an easy shareable QR code and a foolproof booking process for no complications.
  • Trusted ticket-booking vendors for efficient crowd coverage.
  • Online hassle-free ticket bookings for visitors PAN India.

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