Secret Valley of Fireflies

The secret valley of fireflies is located between two beautiful and lush green ridges. There is negligible ascend i.e. almost a flat trail. This trek is most spectacular in the weeks preceding the monsoon when tiny insects come out of a long slumber for mat ing season. Fi ref lies exhibit bioluminescence, a phenomenon that makes them glow in the dark to attract a mate.

Bonus - You might get an opportunity to buy fresh veggies and forest honey from the village. 

Grade: Very Easy 


22:00 - Take fast loc al from CSMT at 9.58pm (Dadar-10:11, Thane-10:39)

23:58 - Reach Karjat. This is the final meeting point and we travel to the base village in a mini-van (30 mins ride)


01:00 - We start the trek after briefing and introduction. On the way we will get to see a swarm of fir efli es in the forest. It’s a 3.5kms walk till we reach a secret village nestled between the mountains.

03:30 - Take a rest for an hour in an open ground. We can campfire till twilight.

06:00 - We will get to see the landscape and sunlight. 

08:00 - Have a delicious breakfast and lemongrass tea.

09.00 - Travel to Karjat in mini-van

10.00 - Take the next local back to Mumbai


 - Travel till base village from Karjat

 - Breakfast and refreshments

 - Expertise charge


 - Bottled water/cold drinks

 - Anything not mentioned in ‘Includes’

Things to carry:

 - 3 litre water (preferably in personal reusable bottles)

 - Good quality torch (other than mobile)

 - Good trekking shoes or sport shoes

 - You can bring healthy snacks like fruits, dry fruits, Energy bars etc.

 - A double strap bag. Sling bag not allowed in trek


Per Participant Rs. 799


  • 09 Jun 2023


  • 11:00 PM - 10:00 AM


  • Karjat, Maharashtra, India

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